You are welcomed to look over

You are welcomed to look over the Shatterd Men’s web site and this page has many articles that may help many of the men here.

Often, when there is a problem, we tend to put a band-aide on it to make it “look” good but the problem is still there. The family court anti-dad’s bias is only a symptom of a much deeper problem. For one, the Violence Against Women Act has made it very rewarding for women to accuse fathers of things like this. It assures them of custody and of keeping everything except the bills. If it is proven they lied willfully, very little if anything is done to them so in reality they have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

If you can prove she willfully lied, try to see if you can get the prosecutor to do something, however this is very doubtful as it will get the feminist in arms against him.

Therefore, if possible, civil court may be the best but if more men would do this, perhaps fewer would be facing this.

Jerry, there are a couple of important things I would like to talk to you about but I do not want to say on an open forum as I am sure this may be monitored by your ex.