There is one thing

There is one thing that parents involved in a divorce forget, and the court systems cause from day one of any divorce action. The courts place the children in the middle of a already heated battled. Picking one parent over the the other, as the Custodial parent. The court forcing one parent to feel better that the other. And from day, one, one or both parents begin to use the children has a tool over the other.

And it is the Child/children who end up being forced to pick one over the other. And it is the Child/children that are been hurt. I know this all too well. My ex wife was able to do just that. Turn the Boys against be, Now, ten years later, after so many years with out my sons in my life. The oldest now 22, married and now has a 10 month old daughter. From nowhere, out of the blue.

Last August, I received a call. My son, said Dad I’m Sorry. Now that I’m a father, I now know why you have and are fighting for parents rights. I, now why you fought so hard to keep your visitation. I pray my wife never does what mine did to you. Two weeks ago, I had the time of my life. My grand daughter spent a week here, while mom and dad spent time together for their anniversary.

All this battling between parents of divorce and the courts. Leads to one thing, hunting our children and Family Abductions. One Bill could end all of this. “Shared Parenting” Each Parent having Equal Time and responsibility for the children. After all, somewhere a long the line, both parents had to be good enough to married, and start a family.

The love now turned hate, doesn’t help or do a thing for the children that came from, what was once love.