Sounds like quite an explosive situation

My first question is this, Who have you paid over 3000 to? I have never heard of an abortion costing over 500, let alone in the thousands, and there are places all over California where they will do them for free. If you have given the money to her directly I would question the very pregnancy itself.

I am from California and a woman so I can tell you first hand how this works. A woman goes in for an abortion, she is counseled and it is up to the counselor to say if she should of should not go through with it. There is also a lot of If the woman is emotionally distraught they won’t preform the procedure. In California abortions CANNOT take place after the 20th week of pregnancy no matter what the reason. If she is 8 weeks now then you don’t have a whole lot of time to figure things out. is the address to California law, I suggest you go there and look up all you can about this subject.

As far as court goes, you are not in much danger until she has the child or has an amnio (done at 16-20 weeks) to prove paternity of the child. I suggest you figure out if she is actually pregnant number one, and number 2 make sure you have proof of the money you have given her. Next time she is going in GO WITH HER, no matter how much you hate her she probably won’t do it unless you are present.

Again this is a complicated and explosive situation. Contact an attorney if you think she is out for blood, and good luck.