My wife has now obtained a temporary court order

My wife has now obtained a temporary court order giving her full custody and baring me from any visitation and she has gotten the court to give her almost $600 child support. Apparently my attorney was either not aware or neglected to tell me there is a law that states that, if you are convicted of an offense of a sexual nature in your past, you can be denied visitation until the court can determine if you are safe to be around your kid.

As stated previously, I had been a victim of the “Child Abuse Which Hunts” in the early 1980’s and shared that information with my wife in our early relationship.

She used that information against me to gain custody after I ask for child support. I raised my child from birth and the last 9 months before she took her, ALONE AND WITHOUT SUPPORT.

I am now required to see a psychologist for evaluation to determine me safe, that her attorney has picked. In the first case, years ago, the state of Maryland withheld evidence that showed their had been no sexual contact between my first daughter and me. ALSO THE RECENT EXAM, DONE BY A LICENSED PEDIATRICIAN, SHOWED NO ABUSE!!!!!