Joined after getting an invitation from someone

Hello everyone.

My name is Ken and I have joined after getting an invitation from someone. My children are adults and I have been happily married for 23 years, so this community would not apply to me “directly” I am here however to give support to any that I can. I am the founder to the largest community that deals with abuse and this is very remarkable since we deal in two of the most politically incorrect areas in our society…abuse “men” and we do it from a Biblical point of view. This community as nearly 500 members.

One more thing about this community…after less the 20 months we are becoming a real organization.

You can find links to this community and the reason it exists in my profile.

It is our intention to bring public awareness to these issues and we have just had several post on father only homes placed there that may be of interest to those here.

Again I am here to support those here who have not had success in the court systems in any way we can. Even if it is only listening.