I can share this

I recently went to family court in Milwaukee County, got this:

  1. 50% physical and legal custody
  2. Ex fined 600.00 for contempt
  3. 1/3 of medical
  4. 200.00 set amount, I was paying about 575.00 per month.

The who;e thing is a dirty battle, you need a dirty lawyer that will play dirty.

Here’s one example:

My ex lost her right to drive for having too many tickets but kept driving, the lawyer informed the police in the city she worked, I called the police to file a complaint because she was driving, they came to her work, I told the police the story and they followed her 9 blocks till she picked up my daughter, they pulled her over and found the tags were fake on the plates, arrested her on the spot and gave my daughter to me.

I returned her to the ex as soon as she got out of jail, I bailed her out.

She forged a check, we said nothing.

Then when we asked for a private hearing in front of a family court judge and got it. We then let everything out, her lawyer just stood still and did not know what hit him.

The guy I used asked what I wanted and I told him 50% custody of my daughter, he said it would be around 6000.00 . That’s what I paid.