I am in the same boat

I am in the same boat, but with two daughters. Everything I’ve tried has been unsuccessful and it always ends up with me told I must get a lawyer. A little background…My ex has custody of my two daughters, ages 14 and 10. I have visitation rights. There have been numerous reports filed with Child Protection Services here in the area where I live (Tampa Florida).

Each time they came out, the report said that there was suspected neglect with my ex wife leaving both girls for long periods during the day and night with my 14 yr old to babysit. Each time, nothing was done. My 14 yr old has had problems in school and kept home from school by my ex for periods of 2 months or more. My ex recently moved to a nearby county and after two months, still has not enrolled my 14 yr old in school.

I’ve contacted the school, the school board, and keep getting the run around and no specific answers as to why my daughter is allowed to stay home from school and not even be enrolled. I am at the end of my rope and recently contacted the local newspaper to see if I can get help that way. I want custody of both girl and feel that based on the history of this thing it should be easy but so far it’s not.

Advice and comments would be appreciated.