I also wanted to share with you

My name is Pepe and I also wanted to share with you that after I took my ex to court two times, out of pure frustration because I would not stop trying, she relinquished alot of time with our son. The Judge signed the judgment giving me;

  1. Every weekend with my son from Fri. at 6:00pm to Sun. at 6:00pm,
  2. Shared Parental Responsibility,
  3. Split up Holidays, etc.,
  4. One month vacation time with my son in the summer,
  5. And a clause preventing her from relocating past a certain amount of miles.

I’m not saying that I got the best deal in town, but from what it was before where I was at her complete mercy, I’d say this was a hell of a start. I was cheering in happiness and relief, when reality all of a sudden hit me like a wall crashing down on my head! The old hag began breaking a number of mutual agreements we made in the Agreed Order. I tried to follow the Agreed Order as best as I could and she went back to doing what she felt like.

Well, I again took her to court about 2 months later to inform the judge all of the violations she had done to the Agreed Order. To my disbelief, the judge didn’t do a thing to her, instead he said that since she was the Custodial Parent, the Shared Parental Responsibility depended on wether she wanted to allow it or not, since she had the final say in everything. Man, I was in complete shock! we are dealing with a bunch of pancies calling themselves judges. And they dare say that all is in the best interest of the child! Humbug!

So here I am, disabled and not a penny to my name, hoping to hire another lawyer in the near future to seek justice for my son, myself and to what is right. In the previous trial, I hired a lawyer at a reduced rate (I believe you call it pro diem), and he got me into more trouble. He refused to do his job correctly because I wasn’t paying him for his Litigation time. I begged him to say something to the Judge to help me keep my rights, and he just smiled and kept silence. So thanks to him I lost my right to pick up my son on Fridays and to bring him here to my home. She lied to the judge to get her way. What a gal!!

Any suggestions, please let me know.
Thank you,