Many of your posts are heartrending

Hi to all in EDCO Club,

Many of your posts are heartrending and my prayers and thoughts go out to you. My husband is a victim of PAS and has not seen his children in over a decade. They are now 17 (almost 18) and 20 y/o. The “Ex” has triumphantly informed us that “she has not told ‘the children’ that they cannot see their father…they can contact him whenever they wish.” Of course, there is no contact.

One thing that has been of help has been the research on the internet regarding Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). It has given me the realization that it is a common problem (i.e., we are not alone or “weird”) and that, barring a miracle, it will not be resolved; it is an irrational hatred of a parent for various (innocuous) offenses.

My husband does not participate in this type of club dialog, therefore he feels alone, abandoned, and so forth. I think one reason why this problem has gone on (the problem being the violation of the constitutional rights of fathers in the area of visitation, child support, and so forth) is that many men are isolated in this way… perhaps they are so depressed that they think, “What’s the use?” Sorry for the long post and I hope I am welcome here as a wife of a very SAD DAD.