Disabled dad needs help

Hello everyone, I’m new here… Does anyone know how I might petition the court in New Mexico, (I live in Georgia), to set aside an original decree, based on the fact that I had no representation during the divorce? Barring that, how about some advice on how to get child enforcement to recognize that the original order intended that the c/s be discontinued when each child reached 18.

I have two children, one is 20, the other is 17. I am STILL paying $600/mo for the oldest child and $600/mo for the youngest.

I foolishly agreed to this in 1992, even though the state guidelines only called for $240/mo per child. At the time, I could afford it. But I have been disabled since 1995 and my current indebetedness exceeds $100,000 even though she gets $1,341/mo. (1/2 my disability). I have no money to go to New Mexico to fight this.

Thanks for any advice.