I’m with Martin on this!

How did you present it? I go through travel expenses i.e. airfare, rental cars, hotel, etc. I only get to see my daughter once about every one and half months because of this. Frequency in visitation could increase if there was some help on the other end or reasonable consideration. The visits are important too! I have considered relocating to the state my daughter lives in, but who is to say the mother will not uproot and leave that state. Any ideas?

I went to court yesterday

Well, I went to court yesterday and got my ass handed to me on a platter! Now I am seriously considering applying for bad credit installment loan as my ex brought a criminal defense attorney and he did what I expected, he started arguing the legal residence and custody of my son rather than the actions of my ex. She lied on the stand with impunity as I had no way to prove she was lying. I did catch her in one , she said she had never signed a court order detailing custody. I produced a copy and gave it to the judge. he ruled …